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When You Donate Your Car to Give2Kids,
You'll Receive:


Fast, Free Towing,
Same-Day Pickup Available.

free-towing Highest Tax Deduction Given,
We Handle All The Paperwork

$200-visa-card Receive a $200 VISA Gift Card
We pick up any vehicle, regardless of condition, even without a title.

Thank You for Your Cars for Kids! Call Us Today to Donate a Car
Anywhere in the Continental U.S.,

(1-800-448-3254) 24/7

donate car bullet point When You Donate Your Car  You Support Alternative Cancer Treatment Education for Families. new-jersey-car-donations-vertical-bar donate your car nj bullet point Receive A $200 VISA Gift Card how-to-donate-a-car-in-new-jersey-vertical-bar car-donation-bullet-point Your HIGHEST Tax Deduction Available! Emailed to you before pickup. vehicle-donations-in-vertical-bar-image donate car bullet point Fast, FREE Towing! With Same-Day Pickup Available!

How to Donate Your Car, Easy and Fast

Your Kind Car Donations Allow Us to provide Free Vehicles to Low-Income Families with
Children with Cancer, as well as Educate Families About the Safest, Most Effective Treatments.

Donating your car, or truck, boat, RV, camper, motorcycle -- any vehicle -- to Give2Kids, means you'll be treated with professionalism, respect and gratitude for your kind generosity!  Here's how easy it is to make your car donation !:

5 Easy Steps to Donate Your Car

1. Contact us through the form above, or call our friendly, helpful customer service reps, 24/7, at 1-800-448-3254.

2. Within 1 - 3 business hours of your vehicle donation, we will call you to arrange free pick-up of your car, truck, RV, boat, etc..

3. Within 1 business day we'll email you your tax information, with the highest allowable tax deduction for your donated car.

4. *All vehicle donation qualifies, you get a $200 VISA Gift Card.

Give2Kids (American Children's Cancer Association) is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity.

7 Helpful Reasons for Donating Your Vehicle to Give2Kids:

1. Help Families

By donating your car to Give2Kids, you help us offer free cars to low-income
families who have kids with cancer -- as well as provide all families with prevention
information, and the latest news about safe, alternative treatments.

2. Free Scholarships

Give2Kids is (as long as we are able) offering a free college scholarship to marketing students who
qualify. Your kind and generous donation (either vehicles or cash donations) help us to
maintain the availability this valuable offer.

3. Get a Substantial Tax Write-Off

Give2Kids offers you the highest allowable tax deduction for your vehicle. Within one
business day of your donation, we'll send you your IRS paperwork, with the deduction amount,

4. Avoid the Aggravation of Selling the Car Yourself

It's safe to say most people have more than enough annoyances in their life. By donating your
car, truck, RV, motorcycle, etc., to Give2Kids, you'll avoid:

a. Paying for, and posting newspaper ads.
b. Dealing with phone calls and/or emails.
c. Dealing with having to set and keep appointments with strangers, who will then come
    to your home, look at your vehicle, and haggle you down for price.

5. Free Pick-Up.

Our experienced tow truck drivers will come to your location and tow away your vehicle,
for free -- usually within a few hours (unless you'd like it to be later).

6. No title? No worries! We Will Accept Your Vehicle!

We pick up any vehicle, regardless of condition, even without a title.

7. Donate to a Charity You Can Trust

There are a number of for-profit businesses that make themselves appear to be charities,
so as to profit from donated cars. Give2Kids is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity,
with a 5 star Google rating (see examples, below)-- assuring you that your kind and generous donation is going
towards good works.

Helpful Tips for Your Best Car Donation Experience

Make Certain Your Chosen Car Donation Charity is An Approved 501 (c)(3) Charity
You can see our 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status here.

Receive easy to understand information about the Vehicle Donation thank you gift incentives offered to you.

Many vehicle donation-receiving organizations either have no thank you gifts, or minimal ones. not only gives the highest tax deduction allowable, but also offers a $200 VISA Gift Card, which can be used wherever VISA is accepted!

Make sure your chosen charity can pick up your donated vehicle within a reasonable time -- for free. offers free -pick-up service, usually within a few hours of your donation!

Additional IRS-Related Information:

a.) If interested,
you can read or download the IRS pamphlet "A Donor's Guide to Car Donations" here.

After donating, make certain to receive a receipt.
It will be required to claim your tax deduction. Give2Kids always provides a
vehicle donation receipt for you.

Here's more IRS info: "Determining the Value of Donated Property" - when determining the value of your donated vehicle.

If you have any question regarding the donation process, we will be pleased
to be of  assistance! Simply call one of our friendly representatives at 1-800-448-3254!

Your Car Donation Helps Kids with Cancer (and Their Families).

The Give2Kids (American Children's Cancer Association) Mission is to educate the public on childhood cancer prevention (through lifestyle, diet, environmental improvements, etc.) and to assist families who have kids with cancer learn about, and find, the most effective, safest treatments.
Your Car Donation helps us achieve this.
                    A Few of Our Recent New Car Donor Google Reviews...

car-donation-review  "Picked up my car and was very helpful. Received my tax papers before they picked up my car. HAPPY"
donate-your-car-review  "Very easy car donation process."
auto-donation-review  "I have had the pleasure of dealing with this organization. Not only were they professionals, they were on time and very helpful explaining the whole car donation process. I highly recommend this organization to anyone looking to donate, especially for a great cause."
vehicle-donation-review-5 "Incredible place with very professional people...
Thank you so much for the vitamins that helped me alot with my health... God bless you guys."
donate-my-car-new-jersey.reviw "Great place to get information and assistance about children with cancer.
If you have an old car, and don't know what to do, this will be the perfect place to donate it and get a tax deduction or $200 visa gift card. You won't be disappointed."

See More of Our Latest Car Donation Reviews!:
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When You Donate Your Car to Give2Kids, You Help Our Charity, and Yourself

Newer and junk cars, trucks, etc., that need time, effort and money to preserve, finally become of little use to the proprietor. When confronted with this scenario, an individual may start considering donating their car, truck, camper, RV, motorcycle, etc.

And if you Donate Your Vehicle (or anywhere in the continental U.S.) to American Children's Cancer Association (ACCA), then you will be qualified for a $200 VISA Gift Card).

ALL donors receive free towing, and the highest allowable tax benefit.

We're Close to You

We can usually pick up your vehicle anywhere in the continental U.S., for free!

Our New Give2Kids Blog: Ways to Donate Car!

Our blog has many articles on car donation (such as donating vehicles to support education about the latest, most effective alternative cancer treatments for children), and information on the alternative cancer treatments.

Some of our blog posts include:

Nine "Foods" You Should Never Feed to Kids!

Donate Your Car (or ANY State); Help Kids, and Help Yourself in the Process!

Make Your Car Donation, Help Us Educate Parents on Things to Avoid to Help Prevent Childhood Cancer

Watch Our New Car Donation Video!

Give2Kids Now Accepts Your Kind Vehicle Donation in Every State!
Alaska             Alabama          Arizona          Arkansas           California         
Colorado                 Connecticut         Delaware          Florida                   Georgia            
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Kansas                    Kentucky             Louisiana        Maine                   Maryland           
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