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Help Support Education About The
Latest, Most Effective Cancer Treatments
and Cancer Prevention for
Local Florida Families and Their Children
Incentives: Receive A $200 VISA Card*
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Choice of Two Vacation Hotel Vouchers!
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Car Donation Florida
Donate Car Colorado - Receive a $200  
VISA Card* (see details), Your Choice of Two     Vacation Hotel Stays, and Your Highest Tax Deduction!

The American Children's Cancer Association was founded and is dedicated to putting love, joy, peace, and hope into the hearts of families with children who have been sadly stricken with cancer.

ACCA provides educational assistance using your
Car Donations FL
. Please donate your Car, Truck, Boat, Airplane, Property, or Money to Kids with Cancer.

Our Mission is to provide Cancer Prevention and Treatment Education to the families with children undergoing cancer treatments. These families need all the cutting-edge information they their children can obtain.
We also maintain a blog, with helpful information.

Please donate your car or other vehicle in Florida today, by calling 1-800-Give2Kids, or use our Car Donation Florida form, at right.

You will receive a $200 VISA Gift Card (if vehicle qualifies -- see details) as well as 2 Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers (for all donations)!

Our friendly representatives are available to answer your call  24/7.

Thank you for your kindness, in helping us provide critical  treatment information, both as in the form of prevention methods (for all familes), and for families with children stricken with

Donate Car Florida, Below:.
Donate a Car in Florida, Statewide!

We're available for Vehicle Donations throughout Florida -- in such cities as: Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Miami, and all surrounding areas!
Click Here to contact us if you have any questions, or
please use our form at above right to donate your vehicle today!

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100% of your monetary donations are applied directly towards our Mission.  
We are an Approved,
501(c)(3) Charity

Your Car Donation FL Questions

We would be happy to be of assistance with any questions you have concerning the Florida Car Donation process, the added benefits we offer you, how your kind and generous donation will help children with cancer, and anything else about your donation.
You can donate a car (or other vehicle) in Florida by filling out the above online car donation form, or calling us at
800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254). And remember: we offer fast, free towing!

Your Vehicle Donation in Florida Helps Kids with Cancer (and Their Families).

American Children's Cancer Association has taken a dynamic role in increasing the awareness of the many alternative types of cancer treatments. We believe that it is of critical importance to provide access to every viable treatment option, in order to plan for the best and most effective outcomes for the families and their children. We gladly support the cancer therapies of many physicians that have demonstrated established, proven results of very effective treatments.

Although these proven, effective techniques are not recognized by most mainstream treatment centers, hospitals or oncologists, some doctors feel that they are especially favored over established treatments, due to the very limited impact and damage to healthy soft tissue, and the immune system.

American Children's Cancer Association is not able to recommend specific treatments for your child, but are always prepared to refer you to the necessary oncologists and doctors to consult with, who will assist with your treatment choices.

We are here to do all we can to help guide and support you, and your treatments of choice. Please contact us to let us know how we can be of assistance to you and your loved ones today.

If you're not going to Donate You Car FL, but are able to contribute towards helping educate families of kids who have been unfortunately stricken with cancer, please click here to see more about our Outreach Program, or contribute now.
Thank you!

The Latest News About Car Donation Florida (from ACCA):

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New Blog!: How To Donate a Car...
We have created a new blog, called How to Donate a Car. It will have many articles on car donation (such as donating vehicles to support cancer treatments for children in Florida), and information on the alternative cancer treatments we support.

Some of our latest posts include:

The Tax Benefits of Donating Your Car FL
In most cases, there is now a $500 valuation limit on vehicle donations for tax deductions. However, at ACCA, we go the extra mile with our donors, [read more]...

Five Critical Things to Learn About the Car Donation Florida Process
The charity that receives the donation of your car in FL, must be an (501(c)(3) organization (IRS-approved). American Children�s Cancer Association (ACCA) is a IRS approved organization. A synagogue, church, temple or mosque will likely qualify... [read more]...

When Deciding Which Organization to Donate Your Car Florida, Consider the Following�
Besides the tax deduction benefit, many charities that accept vehicle donations in Florida (and elsewhere) offer additional incentives. These incentives may be the added benefit that... [read more]...
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New Web Page: The Effective Alternative Cancer Treatments Your Florida Vehicle Donation Supports

Please visit our new Alternative Cancer Treatments page, where you'll find fascinating videos and articles on the natural, safe and effective alternative cancer treatments.


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