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Donate Car MA (and in Every U.S. State): Receive a $200 VISA Card*!

donate car ny bullet point When You Donate Car MA You Support Alternative Cancer Treatment Education for Local MA Kids (and all of U.S.) donate your car ny bullet point You Receive A $200 VISA Gift Card (if qualified), and all donors receive 2 Day, 3 Night Vacation Voucher!
*See Details of Incentives
ny-car-donation-bullet-point Fast, FREE Local Towing! Usually within 24-48 hours! donate car ny bullet point The BEST Tax Benefits!

Receive a free $200 VISA Gift Card and a 3 Day, 2 Night Vacation Hotel Voucher for your Car Donation MA (see thank you gift details here). Please contact us through the above form (for Massachusettsers or anywhere in the U.S.). Simply use the quick form above to begin your vehicle donation process, or call 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254) to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives, and easily donate your car.

Your Car Donation MA Helps Kids with Cancer (and Their Families).

New! We're now offering free cars to financially-challenged families with children with cancer. Click for details.

The Give2Kids (American Children's Cancer Association) mission is to educate the public on childhood cancer prevention (through lifestyle, diet, environmental improvements, etc.) and to assist families who have kids with cancer learn about, and find, the most effective, safest treatments.

If you're able to contribute towards helping these kids who have been unfortunately stricken with cancer,
please see more about our Outreach Program, or contribute to American Children's Cancer Association now. Thank you!

Please click here for more car donation information.

We Are An Approved, 501(c)(3) Charity.
........................................................A Few of Our Recent Vehicle Donor Testimonials...

Ways to Donate to ACCA Besides Monetarily

Donating cash to a charity is a heart-warming experience for all involved, but sending a check is just one of many ways to
be of assistance. There are many terrific options available to those who want to donate to a cause that is
close to your heart other than giving cash.

Donate your automobile
Many charities, such as the American Children's Cancer Association, are in great need of vehicles, either to repair and sell
in order to fund their Missions, or to give to families in need of transportation to treatment facilities. Donating a car in
(or any other state) or truck, boat, or any vehicle, is a perfect example of a non-monetary way one can give to charity.
Having said that, one should consider some things before deciding to donate. If you are concerned about tax deductions: when
you make a vehicle donation usable by the charity, then the amount of your tax deduction will be based on the market value
of the vehicle. Also, depending on how much the car is worth, you will have to fill out certain tax forms accordingly.
The friendly representatives a American Childrens Cancer Association (ACCA) will assist you tith this.
Remember, when you Donate Your Car MA to ACCA, you are helping local families find the best, most effective treatments for
their child.

Donate your Time
Other ways to give to charity (without donating cash) is volunteering your time, donating other material goods (besides
vehicles), or by simply raising awareness about ACCA's Mission.

Still Prefer to Give ?
We appreciate your kind willingness to help us fulfill our Mission to help educate familes in the prevention of cancer, and
help them find the safest, most effective ways to treat childhood cancer. Monetary donations may be made here. We at ACCA
thank you for your generousity!

Another Reason to Donate Car MA, Today: It's Recycling!

Did you know that when you Donate Your Car MA (or in any other state) to, you are not only helping us help families with kids with cancer find and learn about the safest, most effective treatments, and possibly receiving a $200 VISA Gift Card for yourself you are also helping our environment? Yes, when you Donate Car MA (or anywhere in America) you are recycling! You can easily make your Car Donation MA (or in any state) by filling out the easy form at the American Childrens Cancer Association  website, or calling one of our friendly reps at 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254)

In todays world, we all understand the environmental need for recycling and do not hesitate to participate in our township or city recycling programs. Beyond paper, plastic and aluminum, some townships even promote composting landscaping refuse and kitchen scraps to be recycled into to mulch and fertilizers to beautify our public spaces and parks.

With a charitable car donation, gently used vehicles are a wonderful way to give back directly to families in need or can be sold at auction to raise badly needed funds for support and care.

But what about a vehicle that is no longer needed or wanted? Maybe the first car that belonged to a teenager off to college? An inherited vehicle, that is going unused? Or even the far less than perfect vehicles, that still run, but have seen better days? They are still suitable for car donation to be recycled and also a great way to give back to children and families in need.

What happens to your car after its donated to us, and how does it raise funds for Give2Kids? How is the car recycled and what are thegreen benefits of making a donation? While we strongly prefer donated vehicles in good, working condition, we also accept them in less than perfect (non-running condition.
Here are three very practical reasons donating even a non-runing vehicle is good for the environment:

1. Your donated vehicle is constructed of a steel frame.

When steel is recycled a significant amount of valuable iron ore is extracted which re-uses and reduces the blight iron mining has on the environment. The process of extracting iron ore from steel already forged also uses significantly lower amounts of coal then if the ore were processed from its raw state. (Recycled steel uses 74 percent less energy than new steel). Using less coal energy reduces the environmental damage that coal mining has on our natural limestone veins as well as reducing the carbon footprint from coal burning.

2. Even if you are donating a car that no longer runs, it may have salvageable parts.

Many older makes and models may have parts that are hard for car buffs to find on the market as well as perfectly working common parts that can be re-used in other vehicles. This again is economical on waste and reduces the carbon footprint that unnecessary manufacturing causes.

3. If your vehicle is sent in for salvaging, part of the process is removing hazardous chemicals that need safe disposal.

When sent to a proper vehicle recycling facility the car is drained of all fluids and chemicals and stripped of rubber parts either to be filtered and/ or recycled or disposed of safely. This is in the responsible effort of reducing the chemicals that end up in improper disposal facilities or land fills which is hazardous to our ground water, flora and fauna, and agriculture. Highly toxic mercury and anti-freeze are big culprits in the poisoning of groundwater. Not to mention that 11 million gallons of oil was recycled from used cars last year (!) which with the high price of petroleum makes good economic sense.

By recycling your vehicle you can also inspire others you know to do so. Spread the word to friends and family via our Facebook page by liking and sharing.

By the way: if you have a car donation testimonial or story please send it to us we would love to hear how donating your car was a great giving experience.

Give2Kids Vehicle Donations - More Than Just Cars! Why Not Donate Your Boat (or Truck or Plane or....)?

Give2Kid accepts more than just automobiles. Any vehicle can be donated- trucks, motorcycles, trailers, boats and even airplanes!

But, with summer coming to a close it may be time to consider donating a boat to the Give2Kids program. Maybe you have an inherited boat, or with the family all grown up and living busy lives you do not "get out" like you used to. If you have a boat that is not getting the use it should, then you know the costs that it incurs to keep the boat afloat!

By donating your boat to Give2Kids not only will you be supporting families in needof critical information about alternative cancer treatments, health and healing options but you can take advantage of cutting back on your overhead costs that come along with boat ownership. Weigh up the cost to keep your boat versus your usage. You may find it is more cost effective to occasionally rent a boat for a day trip and think of the fun you will have trying new and different models! Here are some sound reasons to donate your boat:

- Avoid expensive mooring fees

- Avoid the high cost of boat insurance - which includes winter storage

- Avoid expensive maintenance costs and the time and work it takes to keep your boat in condition

- Avoid luxury/ property taxes that goes with boat ownership

- Avoid launch fees

Relieve yourself of the commitment, responsibility and liability that comes with boat ownership - (Many boat owners may have experienced the "joy rider borrowing" the boat only to find it run up and abandon on a sand bar!)

Receive the highest tax write off available from the IRS for donating your boat (Go to and review the online guide for vehicle donations for further information)

Avoid the long and tenuous process of selling your boat. With the current state of our economy luxury item sales such as boats are at an all time low. Consider the amount if time it will take to find a buyer and if the continued costs to keep your boat are with what you would receive from a sale.

Now consider how your boat donation will raise funds for the American Children's Cancer Association and Give2Kids. A boat in any condition can be recycled for materials and parts or reconditioned for auction with the proceeds going directly to children and families. Please see the Give2Kids blog posting about the environmental perks from recycling vehicles.

Also please like and share our Donate Car to Give2Kids Facebook page to spread the word about Give2Kids vehicle donations.
Or please visit our Google Plus page.

Have kids (or know some)? They'll love our free Coloring and Recipe book -- Parents will too!

See Our New Infographic on the Dangers of Leaving Children in the Car!:


Although our main focus is childhood cancer prevention and treatments, ACCA will at times also share other child health-related information. The subject of children left in cars is so important, we created a custom infographic about it.
Please share it!  Your generous Massachusetts car donation (and all of U.S.) assists the ACCA's distribution of the kind of extremely important child-health news such as the above! Thank you....

Its so sad to hear about news reports about innocent kids who die because their parents or caregivers left them in a hot car. It breaks peoples hearts since its a tragedy that could have easily been avoided if that parent or caregiver were properly educated on the dangers of leaving kids in hot cars.

The adjoining infographic states that an average of 83 children have died in hot cars each year in the USA since 1998. And since that year, 619 kids have died in cars from heat stroke in the USA. And the numbers are only growing.

Parent and caregivers need to know that cars heat up dangerously fast. Actually, a car can heat up twenty degrees in as little as ten minutes, so even if they think theyre just leaving their kids in a car for a quick five minutes, they dont know that those five minutes can be deadly.

It doesnt even matter if a car is parked in the shade or if the window is cracked. The sad facts are that leaving kids in hot cars left unattended can lead to serious harm and injuries and in many sad cases even death. Its never okay to leave kids in a car alone. Practically 20% of deaths happen because a caregiver or parent intentionally left the child in the car alone.

By educating parent and caregivers about the deathly truths about leaving kids in cars, we can, over time, save thousands of innocent, precious lives. The infographic has many more facts about what happens to a kid left in a car alone, so please read over it so that such an horrible tragedy never happens to your family. And please let family and friends know about the infographic so that they can also save lives.

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Our New Give2Kids Blog: How to Donate Your Car in MA!

We have created a new blog, called How to Donate a Car in Massachusetts. It will have many articles on car donation in Massachusetts (such as donating vehicles to support education about the latest, most effective alternative cancer treatments for children in Massachusetts -- and all other states), and information on the alternative cancer treatments.

Some of our latest posts include:

Learn About the Nine Foods You Should Never Feed to Kids!

There are some "food" that should simply never be in your home -- and may even eventually contribute to illness for you and your family...
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Donate Your Car MA (or ANY State); Help Kids, and Help Yourself in the Process!

ACCA is the only car donation charity in New York (and in America) that offers such generous thank you gifts...
[visit the Give2Kids blog to read more]...

Make Your Car Donation MA, Help Us Educate Parents on
Things to Avoid to Help Prevent Childhood Cancer

What foods should you buy as organic (and which ones can you buy non-organic)? What other environmental hazards should you and your family avoid? [find out more on our Give2Kids blog]...

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