American Children's Cancer Association has created the $200.00 Visa program as a way of thanking our donors. Not all vehicles qualify for this offer. Below is a simple outline on what we do in trying to qualify every vehicle donation.

1) Any vehicle that generates net proceeds of $600, qualifies for the program.

2) Any vehicle used for charitable purposes (vehicles that we actual use for transportation), automatically qualifies for the program.
3) Any vehicle that is given to one of the families we support, automatically qualifies for the program.

All vehicles that we receive are all picked up and handled at the lowest possible costs to us. We often repair and clean the vehicles, then use the most creative marketing available for selling the vehicle, all to maximize the proceeds from each vehicle donation.

After all our efforts, if your vehicle donation results in a less then $600 net proceeds to our charity, you will then be switched from the $200 VISA program into our "you pick two" incentive program. There are a number of great incentives to choose from. You get to pick any two of your choice. Click here to see the incentives.

Please note that all donors have one year from date of donation to claim the above offers. After that time period, offer is subject to change, or cancellation.