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When You Donate Car in San Diego,
You'll Receive:


Fast, Free Towing,
Usually Within 24-48 Hours After Donation

free-towing Your Highest Allowable Tax Deduction,
Emailed to You Within a Day of Donation

2-hotel-stay-vouchers Choice of Any Two
Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers
$200-visa-card If Vehicle Qualifies,
Receive a $200 VISA Gift Card
Thank You for Your Cars for Kids!
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Donate Car California bullet point When You Donate Car in San Diego County You Support Alternative Cancer Prevention and Treatment Education for Local San Diego Families & Kids donate your car ny bullet point *If Your Car Qualifies, You'll Get A $200 VISA Gift Card  thank you gift! All donors receive Your Choice of
Two Vacaton Hotel Vouchers!
ny-car-donation-bullet-point Fast, FREE Local Towing! Usually within 24-48 hours! Donate Car California bullet point Receive Your Highest
Tax Deduction!

How to Donate a Car in San Diego, California
And Help Local Families In CA With Kids With Cancer

We're American Children's Cancer Association (, and welcome you to our website! We are happy to offer California residents the most generous thank you gifts in the industry, for your kind Car Donation, San Diego (or any city in CA). For the donation of your car, motorcycle, truck, RV, SUV, plane or boat today to Give2Kids, we will offer you a $200 VISA Gift card (for qualified vehicles) and every donor receives Two Vacation Hotel Vouchers (good for multiple locations)! On top of that, you will receive the best tax benefits.

Imagine how great it will be to skip all the hassle of selling your old car (placing pricey ads, taking pesky phone calls, meeting with
strangers, and continually having them try and talk down your price! With our easy, fast pick-up service, you'll have your car towed to our
facility within 48 hours, and soon have your $200 VISA Card (if qualified) and your Vacation Vouchers!

Your kind vehicle donation assists our mission to help California families with children with cancer learn about, and find, the safest,
most effective treatments. We also educate the public on childhood cancer prevention.

Five Ways Our Vehicle Donation Program in San Diego County, California Serves You, Our Valuable Donor:

1.  Free, speedy pick-up and towing for your donated vehicle in California!
2.. Easy, professional vehicle donation process
3. The highest charitable tax deduction possible for your vehicle donation
4. We accept most vehicles in any condition (even not running)!
5. No title? In most cases, we can still accept your kind car donation in San Diego!

Funds generated from your generously donated vehicle go to American Children's Cancer Association, an approved, 501(c)(3) charity.

Thank you for helping us inform as many children and families as possible on their best options, during a very
difficult, challenging time in their lives.

Makin your Car Donation San Diego (or any area in in CA)  is quick and easy. To schedule your car donation immediately, simply call one of our friendly representatives at 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254). Our experienced vehicle donation representatives are available at convenient hours to make the car donation process pleasant and fast. Alternatively, can also fill out our quick and easy donation form, and we will get back to you within 24 business hours to arrange your vehicle pick-up!

Do you have specific questions about our Mission, donation process, or anything else related to our offer? donating your car, truck, boat,
contact us any time, day or night and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to be of assistance!

How Your Your Car Donation San Diego (and all of CA) is Also Recycling!

Here's a way to be green and make a difference : You can recycle an old vehicle by donating it to Give2Kids!

Maybe you're concerned with how pricey fuel is, or about the negative effects burning oil has on our air and water. Because of this, you may be considering a more environment-friendly hybrid, or electric vehicle. Or perhaps the car you're driving driving has seen much better days, and may even be in need of major repairs. Maybe you are moving to a metropolis where vehicles are just not useful, or even a liabilty. Or now that your kids have gone off to University, that extra car is just not needed any more.

You could attempt to trade it in, only to receive very little (compared to its true value) or experiencing the hassles of selling it, with no shows, haggling and potential buyers backing out.

Instead why not consider recycling your vehicle hassle-free and productively  by making your Car Donation CA to Give2Kids (American Children's cancer Association)? You might ask yourself "Why donate" and "how does it benefit the vehicle donation charity I donate it to"?

Nonprofit charitable organizations, such as American Children's Cancer Association (ACCA), have set up a very efficient system resulting in very real, very useful educational assistance to children with cancer and their families. Also consider that vehicle donation California programs, like (ACCA), pick up your vehicle free if charge within 24-48 hours-- saving you the cost of towing and the time of selling or scrapping, while also benefiting you with a tax write off, rather than having to pay tax based on the sale. When you contact Give2Kids they will be able to walk you through your state tax write off value and arrange everything to pick up and recycle your vehicle for you from there.

If your used vehicle is doesn't meet the sales standard, it will be gleaned of all reusable parts, reusable chemicals and properly dispose of all hazardous materials. The steel frame will then be crushed for recycling itself, ultimately reducing the blight on our natural iron ore mining resources and carbon footprint by putting the steel back into production. All proceeds that your car provides, with the exception of overhead costs of operating Give2Kids, will go directly to promoting our Mission, and educating families in California (and any other state you may donate in) on finding, and learning about, the safest, most effective treatment options.

When you Donate Car CA for recycling to Give2Kids, you're making an all around impact on all of our lives, by making the green choice to continue to relieve the pressure on our environment and helping children and families in very real need! Please see our Give2Kids Facebook page and like and share our posts, to spread the word to friends, family and colleagues about the benefits of your car donation CA (and in all other states).

Give2Kids Vehicle Donations - More Than Just Cars! Why Not Donate Your Boat (or Truck or Plane or....)?

Give2Kids accepts more than just cars. Any vehicle can be donated- trucks, motorcycles, trailers, SUVs, motor homes, boats and even airplanes!

But, with summer now over, it might consider the viability donating a boat to the Give2Kids program. Maybe you have an inherited boat, or with the family all grown up and living busy lives you do not "get out" like you used to. If you have a boat that is not getting the use it should, then you know the costs that it incurs to keep the boat afloat!

- Stop having to pay those pricey mooring fees

- Stop having to pay for expensive insurance (throughout the winter as well)

- Stop paying for maintenance and spending all that effort and time needed to keep your boat in good condition

- Stop paying those luxury and/or property taxes as a boat owner

- Stop paying launch fees

Thank you!

Have kids (or know some)? They'll love our free Coloring and Recipe book -- Parents will too!

See Our New Infographic on the Preventable Tradgedy Leaving Children in Cars!:


Although our main focus is childhood cancer prevention and treatments, ACCA will at times also share other child health-related information. The subject of children left in cars is so important, we created a custom infographic about it.
Please share it!  Your generous California car donation (and all of U.S.) assists the ACCA's distribution of the kind of extremely important child-health news such as the above! Thank you....
You probably get really upset whenever you hear of a child left in a hot car. Yeah, it-s pretty upsetting to know that parents would do that to their own children, but in reality, it can happen to anyone. Even loving and caring parents in California who don-t want to wake up their child to go get a few groceries will think leaving them in the car really quick is better than a tantrum with a cranky child at the store.

The fact of the matter is that it-s never okay to leave a child in a car for even the shortest amount of time. Not even if you-re just going out for a minute or two. Doing so can be deadly. The adjoining infographic provides eye-opening statistics on what happens in a car on a hot day (and in a suny city like Los Angeles, it's especially critical). Children-s body temperatures can increase three to five times faster than adults so they get hot a lot faster and heat stroke sets in when the body passes 104 degrees, while reaching a temperature of 107 degrees can be deadly. That same infographic says that about 30% of heat stroke deaths happen because the child was forgotten in a car by their caregiver. That-s a statistic that shouldn-t ever happen to a child.

And don-t think that cracking the windows to let in outside air helps either. Not even parking your car in the shade will make a difference. Leaving a child in a car alone can result in tragedy and even the death of the innocent child. No matter what you do or whatever circumstances you are under, it-s never ever wise to leave a child unattended in a vehicle. The infographic has more statistics and ways to make sure that this preventable tradgedy never occurs again.

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Your Car Donation San Diego -- and All of California!

We have created a new blog, called How to Donate a Car in California. It will have many articles on Car Donation CA and State (such as donating vehicles to support education about the latest, most effective alternative cancer treatments for children in California -- and all other states), and information on the alternative cancer treatments.

Some of our latest posts include:

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