- Receive Instant Payment, Up to Half the Book Value of Your Boat Donation!
- Receive Your Highest Tax Deduction

- Receive a Free, Professional Appraisal for Tax Value
- Receive Fast, Free Pick-Up
- Your Choice of Two Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers
- We Also Accept: Cars, Trucks, RVs,
   Motorhomes, RVs, Campers, All Vehicles!

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We Also Accept: Cars, Trucks, RVs, Motorhomes, Motorcycles, All Vehicles!

- Simply fill-out our quick form, above; and we will get back to you, usually within one
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- Don't have a title? We most likely will still accept your vehicle without a title!
- Most NJ vehicles can be picked-up (for
) within 48 business hours of our contact with you.
- All donations receive choice of any
2 Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers, as thank you gifts, free towing and
   highest allowable tax deduction.
Why Donate Your Boat to Give2Kids?

By selling or donating your boat to Give2Kids not only will you be supporting families in need of critical information about alternative cancer treatments, prevention and healing options, but you can also take advantage of cutting back on your overhead costs that come along with boat ownership. Weigh up the cost to keep your boat versus your usage. You may find it is more cost effective to occasionally rent a boat for a day trip and think of the fun you will have trying new and different models! Here are some financially sound reasons to donate your boat:

- Avoid expensive mooring fees

- Avoid the high cost of boat insurance - which includes winter storage

- Avoid expensive maintenance costs and the time and work it takes to keep your boat in condition

- Avoid luxury/ property taxes that goes with boat ownership

- Avoid launch fees

Relieve yourself of the commitment, responsibility and liability that comes with boat ownership - (Many boat owners may have experienced the "joy rider borrowing" the boat only to find it run up and abandon on a sand bar!)

Avoid the long and tenuous process of selling your boat in the usual way. With the current state of our economy luxury item sales such as boats are at an all time low. Consider the amount if time it will take to find a buyer and if the continued costs to keep your boat are with what you would receive from a sale.

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