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When You Donate Your Car in NJ,
You'll Receive:


Fast, Free Towing,
Usually Within 24-48 Hours After Donation

free-towing Your Highest Allowable Tax Deduction,
Emailed to You Within 1 Business Day

2-hotel-stay-vouchers Choice of Any Two
Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers
$200-visa-card If Your NJ Vehicle Qualifies,
Receive a $200 VISA Gift Card
Thank You for Your Cars for Kids!
Call Us 24/7 to
Donate a Car in
New Jersey:
Call: 1-800-448-3254, 24/7

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4. Any cookie-gathering is done by your browser, not our website.

Thank you for your interest in & support of American Children's Cancer Association!

Give2Kids Now Accepts Your Kind Vehicle Donation in Every Continental State!
Alaska             Alabama          Arizona          Arkansas           California         
Colorado                 Connecticut         Delaware          Florida                   Georgia            
Hawaii                     Idaho                 Illinois            Indiana                  Iowa                   
Kansas                    Kentucky             Louisiana        Maine                   Maryland           
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A Special Thank You to the New Jersey Courts for Your Help With Our Mission to Help Kids with Cancer!

Donate Your Car, Truck, Boat, Airplane, Property, Money to American Children's Cancer Association. Please call 1-800- GIVE2KIDS.

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