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- Your Highest Tax Deduction Allowable
- A $200 VISA Gift
(to Qualifying Vehicles - See Below)
- 2 Vacation Hotel Vouchers for
   Your Arizona Car Donation
     (for All Donations)
- Free, Fast Towing
(Usually Within  24 - 48 Business Hours).

Now, 24/7!

   Help Us Educate Families with Kids with Cancer
   Find the Safest, Most Effective Treatments!

Fill -Out Our Easy Car Donation AZ Form
& We'll Get Back To You
Within 1 Business Hour!

How to Easily Donate Your Car in AZ

1. Simply fill-out our quick and easy donation form, above...
Or call one of our friendly representatives at 1-800-448-3254,
(available 24/7 to serve you)

2. Soon after, you will receive your tax deduction paperwork by email.

3. We'll pick up your vehicle for free
(usually within 24 - 48 business hours of your donation).

Your Benefits for
Donating Your Vehicle in Arizona:

Free Towing for Your Vehicle

Receive Your Highest Allowable Tax Deduction
You'll receive Your Tax Deduction Information & Form
by Email, Within a Few Hours of Your Donation

vacation-vouchers-for-donating car-az
Receive Choice of Any 2 Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers, (for All Donations).
Choice of Many Great Locations
4.$200 VISA Gift Card
(if your vehicle brings in $600 or more to charity, after expenses).

American Children Cancer Association (Give2Kids) is an Approved, 501(c)(3) Charity.
We've been accepting your kind vehicle donations for over 15 years.

Some Google Reviews from Our Vehicle Donors

Joe Carrico

I have had the pleasure of dealing with this organization.
Not only they were professionals they were on time and very helpful explaining the whole process.
I highly recommend this organization to anyone looking to donate, specially for a great cause God bless them .

Sandra D

Received my tax papers before they picked up my car. HAPPY

Leonard Nunes

Easy donation process. Thank you.
For More of Our Reviews: Click Here

4 Things to Check for When You Donate Your Car in AZ

 1. Make Sure Your Chosen Charity is An Approved 501(c)(3) Charity
See American Children's Cancer Association's ( nonprofit status, here.

2. Make sure your chosen children's charity offers you the
allowable tax deduction.

3. Receive easy to understand information about the
thank you gift incentives offered to you.

4. Make certain your chosen charity can pick up your vehicle within a reasonable time -- for free.

Another Reason to Donate Your Car in AZ, Today: It's Recycling!

Did you know when you Donate Your Vehicle AZ (or in virtually any other location in the U.S.) to, you aren't only aiding us in helping family members with kids with cancer find and gain knowledge about the safest, most reliable treatments -- and perhaps obtaining a $200 VISA Item Card for your own -- you are also supporting the environment?

Yes, when you Donate Your Car AZ (or any place in America) you are recycling! You may easily make your vehicle Donation AZ (or in virtually any State) by filling in the simple form, at top of page, and submit it to the American Children's Cancer Association (Give2Kids), or phone one of our own friendly helpers at
1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254)
who are waiting to assist you 24 / 7!

Give2Kids Vehicle Donations in Arizona -
Have you considered Donating Your Boat (or Truck or Plane or....)?

Give2Kid (American Children's Cancer Association) accepts more than just automobiles. Any of your vehicles can be donated- trucks, boats, SUVs, motorcycles, and even airplanes!

Now that summer is waining, it may want to consider donating your boat to the our program, so support our Mission.  If you have a "floating money-pit" that 's not receiving the use you'd planned, then you may find it's better to simply donate it for a good casue

By kindly donating your water craft to Give2Kids, you'll be supporting families in need of essential information regarding alternative treatments, health and healing options, and eliminating your ongoing costs that incur with boat ownership.

8 Reasons to Donate Your Your Boat in Arizona

Eliminate costly mooring charges

2.  Stop having to pay for boat insurance

3. No more ongoing maintenance fees and time spent on maintaining your boat (that you'd much rather be spending    

4. No more paying property/luxury taxes (that can go with owning certain water craft)

5.  Eliminate launch fees

6. Release yourself yourself from the commitment and liability that comes with owning a boat

7.  Receive the highest tax benefit available for donating your boat (Go to for further information)

8.  Avoid the oftimes long, tedious, unpredictable  process of selling your boat!

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Have kids (or know some)? They'll love our
Coloring and Recipe book -- Parents will too!

Give2Kids Now Accepts Your Vehicle Donation in Every State!

Alaska - Alabama - Arizona
 - Arkansas - California
 - Connecticut - Delaware - Florida - Georgia
Iowa - Idaho
 - llinois - Indiana - Kansas - Kentucky
Louisiana - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan
Minnesota - Mississippi - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska
Nevada - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New Mexico
New York - North Carolina - North Dakota - Ohio - Oklahoma
Oregon - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - South Carolina 
South Dakota - Tennessee
 - Texas
 - Utah - Vermont
Virginia - Washington - West Virginia  - Wisconsin - Wyoming

Our Donate Car in Arizona Video

Our Charity's Mission
American Children's Cancer Association (ACCA)  has taken a leading position in making increasing numbers of people aware of the many effective alternative, safe and natural types of cancer treatments that are now available. We believe that it is of utmost  importance to provide access to all viable treatment options, allowing families and their sick child to plan for the best and most effective treatment outcomes. We strongly and continually support the cancer therapies of the many physicians who have proven repeatable results with their cancer treatments. 

Although these techniques have proven to be very effective they have yet to be recognized by most mainstream treatment centers, hospitals or oncologist's. Some physicians have found that they have certain advantages over established treatments, because of the very limited damage to the immune system, and healthy soft tissue
. When you Donate Car NJ
, you help us accomplish our mission...

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