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When You Donate Your Car, NJ,
You'll Receive:


Fast, Free Towing,
Usually Within 24-48 Hours After Donation

free-towing Your Highest Allowable Tax Benefit,
Emailed to You Soon After Donation

2-hotel-stay-vouchers Choice of Any Two
Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers
$200-visa-card If Vehicle Qualifies,
Receive a $200 VISA Gift Card
Although We Prefer Running Vehicles...
We'll pick up almost any car donation in New Jersey, no matter the condition, and typically without a title!

Call Us Today to Donate a Car in New Jersey, at 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254) 24/7
donate car nj bullet point When You Donate Car NJ You Support Alternative Cancer Treatment Education for Local NJ Kids (and all U.S.) new-jersey-car-donations-vertical-bar donate your car nj bullet point Receive A $200 VISA Gift Card (if vehicle is qualified), and all donors receive your Choice of TWO Hotel Vacation Stays! how-to-donate-a-car-in-new-jersey-vertical-bar nj-car-donation-bullet-point Your HIGHEST Tax Deduction Available! Emailed to you within a business day of your donation. vehicle-donations-in-nj-vertical-bar-image donate car nj bullet point Fast, FREE Local Towing! Usually within 24-48 business hours!

How to Donate Car NJ, Easy and Fast

Your Kind New Jersey Car Donations Allow Us to Educate Families with Kids with Cancer Learn About, and Find the Safest, Most Effective Treatments. See Our Treatment Page, or Download Some of Our Free Educational Material, Below!:

5 Easy Steps to Donate Your Car in NJ (or Any State)

1. Contact us through the form above, or call our friendly, helpful customer service reps at 24/7 at 1-800-448-3254

2. Within 1 - 3 business hours of your donation, we will call you to arrange free pick-up of your vehicle.

3. Within 1 business day we will email you your tax information, with the highest allowable tax deduction..

4. Upon acceptance of your kind car donation in New Jersey (or any state), you'll be able to choose any two of these incentives.

*If your vehicle donation nj qualifies (brings in $600 or more for the charity) we will mail you a $200 VISA Gift Card.

Tips on Making Your Car Donation NJ Experience the Best

Make Certain Your Chosen NJ Car Donation Charity is An Approved 501 (c)(3) Charity
You can see our 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status here.

Receive easy to understand information about the NJ Vehicle Donation thank you gift incentives offered to you.

Many vehicle donation-receiving organizations either have no thank you gifts, or minimal ones. not only gives the highest tax deduction allowable, but also offers 2 Vacation Hotel Stays (choice of great locations) but also, for vehicles that qualify, a $200 VISA Gift Card, which can be used wherever VISA is accepted!

Make sure your chosen charity can pick up your New Jersey donated vehicle within a reasonable time -- for free. offers free -pick-up service, usually within 24 - 48 hours of your donation!

Additional IRS-Related Information:

You can read or download the IRS pamphlet "A Donor's Guide to Car Donations" here.

After donating, make certain to receive a receipt.
It will be required to claim your tax deduction. Give2Kids always provides a
vehicle donation receipt for you.

Read "Determining the Value of Donated Property" - when determing the value of your donated vehicle.

If you have any question regarding the donation process, we will be pleased
to be of assitance! Simply call one of our friendly representatives at 1-800-448-3254!

When you donate your car NJ:

Your call will be answered by a friendly, experienced representative, ready to assist you with your New Jersey car donation and / or questions.

If you send in our form:

You will receive an email reply immediately, and a call back by our New Jersey Charity Director within one business day.
6 Excellent Reasons for Making Your Car Donation NJ to Give2Kids:
1. We help households with children stricken with cancer by educating them concerning the safest and best alternative cancer treatments for their child.

2. Aside from the wonderful feeling you will have from bringing-about a true difference in these children's lives, if your
vehicle donation in New Jersey qualifies (brings in $600 or more for charity), we'll send you a $200 VISA Gift card, accepted for both off, and online purchases, anywhere VISA is accepted.

3. Along with the aforementioned VISA card, you will also get a two vouchers for Holiday Hotel Stays -- several places to pick from (for a limited period)!

You are going to get quick, free towing to your given vehicle -- usually within 24 - 48 business hours of your donation!

5. When you make your vehicle donation, then you are going to get the best possible tax advantage.

6. When you Donate Your Car NJ (or Truck, Boat, Motorcycle, RV, Camper, etc.) you'll also be reusing, recycling and assisting our precious environment! All automobiles
are either fixed, after which they are utilized by those in need, or the automobile is dissassembled, and the components reused.
So recycle your auto, and assist Mother Earth! More information on
vehicle recycling!

And please bear in mind: our educational charity offerings are for families of all kinds; not just a specific group!

Therefore, if you d like to help American Children's Cancer Association (Give2Kids), then please contribute to Give2Kids now! Or call our friendly customer service agents at 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254), and they'll be delighted to take your automobile donation NJ info.

American Children s Cancer Association (Give2Kids) continues to be accepting car donations for more than 15 years, and is an accepted, 501(c)(3) charity.)
Give2Kids Vehicle Donations in NJ - A LOT MORE THAN ONLY AUTOMOBILES! Have you considered Donating Your Boat NJ(or Truck, Camper, Motorcycle, etc.)?
Give2Kid (ACCA) accepts more than just automobiles. Any of your New Jersey vehicles can be donated, such as trucks, boats, SUVs, RV, motorcycles, and even airplanes!

Now that summer is waining, it may want to consider donating your boat to the our program, so support our Mission.  If you have a "floating money-pit" that 's not receiving the use you'd planned, then you may find it's better to simply donate it for a good casue

By kindly donating your water craft to Give2Kids, you'll be supporting families in need of essential information regarding alternative treatments, health and healing options, and eliminating your ongoing costs that incur with boat ownership.

Here are some -wise reasons to donate your boat:

- Eliminate costly mooring charges

- Stop having to pay for boat insurance

- No more ongoing maintenance fees and time spent on maintaining your boat (that you'd much rather be spending elsewhere)

- No more paying property/luxury taxes (that can go with owning certain water craft)

- Eliminate launch fees

Release yourself yourself from the commitment and liability that comes with owning a boat

Receive the highest tax benefit allowable for donating your boat.

Avoid the oftimes long, tedious, unpredictable  process of selling your boat!

 Make Your Car Donation NJ with the Assurance that
We're an Approved, 501(c)(3) Charity

 American Children's Cancer Association ( has been accepting your kind vehicle donations for over 15 years.

Receive a free $200 VISA Gift Card
(see details), your Highest Tax Benefit available, and TWO Vacation Hotel Stay Vouchers for your Car Donation NJ. Please contact us through the form, above (for NJ, or anywhere in the U.S.), or call 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254) to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives, and quickly, easily donate your car!

Your Car Donation NJ Helps Kids with Cancer (and Their Families).

The Give2Kids (American Children's Cancer Association) Mission is to educate the public on childhood cancer prevention (through lifestyle, diet, environmental improvements, etc.) and to assist families who have kids with cancer learn about, and find, the most effective, safest treatments.
Your Car Donation NJ helps us achieve this.

If you're able to contribute towards helping these kids who have been unfortunately stricken with cancer,
please see more about our Outreach Program, or contribute to American Children's Cancer Association now. Thank you!

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Have kids (or know some)? They'll love our free Coloring and Recipe book -- Parents will too!
When You Donate Your Car NJ, You Help Our Charity, and Yourself
Old automobiles, trucks, etc., that need time, effort and money to preserve, finally become of little use to the proprietor. When confronted with this scenario, an individual may start considering donating their car, truck, camper, RV, motorcycle, etc.

And if you Donate Car NJ (or anywhere in the continental U.S.) to American Children's Cancer Association (ACCA), then you might be qualified for a $200 VISA Gift Card (in case your car or truck, etc. generates $600 or more for our charity, or can be used for charity-related purposes).

ALL donors receive free towing, and the highest allowable tax benefit, and selection of
2 holiday hotel stay vouchers.

We're Close to You

We'll pick up your NJ vehicle donation, free, from anywhere in
New Jersey, including: 
Jersey City, Trenton, Sommerset, Howell, Cherry Hill, Edison, Atlantic City, Teaneck, Hoboken, Newark, Princeton,
Paterson, Camden, Perth Amboy,Vineland, Cherry Hill, Old Bridge, and any where else in New Jersey.

Have You Heard of Our NJ Scholarship?

We're offering scholarships to NJ university students. More on this soon!

  Our New Car Donation NJ Video:


Our New Give2Kids Blog: Ways to Donate Car NJ!
We have created a new blog, called How to Donate Car NJ. It will have many articles on car donation in NJ (such as donating vehicles to support education about the latest, most effective alternative cancer treatments for children in New Jersey -- and all other states), and information on the alternative cancer treatments.

Some of our latest posts include:

Learn About the Nine Foods You Should Never Feed to Kids!

There are some "food" that should simply never be in your home --
and may even eventually contribute to illness for you and your family...

 [read more on Give2Kids Blog]...

Donate Your Car NJ (or ANY State); Help Kids, and Help Yourself in the Process!
ACCA is the only car donation charity in New Jersey (and in America)
that offers such generous thank you gifts...

visit the Give2Kids blog to read more]...

Make Your Car Donation NJ, Help Us Educate Parents on Things to Avoid to Help Prevent Childhood Cancer
What foods should you buy as organic (and which ones can you buy non-organic)?
What other environmental hazards should you and your family avoid?

[find out more on our Give2Kids blog]...
Give2Kids Now Accepts Your Vehicle Donation in Every State!
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Colorado                  arrow Connecticut         arrow Delaware          arrow Florida                   arrow Georgia                arrow
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  We accept vehicle donations from cities all over New Jersey, including:
Atlantic City
Cliffside Park
East Brunswick
East Orange
Elmwood Park
Fair Lawn

Fort Lee
Long Branch
New Brunswick

North Plainfield
Old Bridge
Perth Amboy
Scotch Plains

South Plainfield
Toms River
Union City
West Milford
West New York
West Orange
Willingo ship

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