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Please note: The above information only briefly touches upon the environmental toxins children are subjected to throughout their childhood. The above seven were chosen based on the prevalence in an American child's daily life; not necessarily on the degree of toxicity. There are many other toxins that every parent should be aware of, some of which are at least as toxic as those above. These include:


We did not include this toxin, as it is already among the most well known childhood toxin.
If you'd like to learn more, click here.

Flame Retardent Chemicals

Flame retardants have been linked to many serious health risks, especially to children,
cancer, neurodevelopmental delays, reduced IQ and behavioral problems.


Children are exposed to arsenic in n the soil, water, food, and air, and all parents need to be aware of this. 


Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB): This family of chemicals has routinely been associated with reduced cognitive function in infancy and childhood. It is often present in foods, particularly fish, and can be passed along in breast milk. Learn more here.


2nd hand smoke is especially toxic to to babies and young children,
and can cause a number of health complications.

Additional Toxins Children are
Especially Subjected to:

Many More Environmental Toxins

10 Toxins in Children's Foods

Studies used for the 7 toxins, as well as additional information:


Glyphosate is a Neurotoxin

Glyphosate Destroys Good Gut Bacteria

Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines

Glysopahate Likely Causes Cancer

Roundup Pesticide

2,4-D pesticide (as bad or worse than glyphosate)

Toxic Home Chemicals

Childhood Exposure By Age Group


Avoiding in Teeth

Alternatives to Mercury Fillings

Removal from Teeth

Avoiding in Fish

Mercury in Vaccines

Ionizing Radiation (Medical Imaging / Nuclear Plants)

Prenatal and Postnatal Exposure to Medical Imaging (X-Rays, Etc.)
as a Cause of Childhood Cancer

What the Nuclear Power Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Plastics (BPA and other toxins)

Hormone Disruption in Children from Plastics

BPA in Lining of Cans

Cellphones / WiFi

Absorption of Cell Phone Radiation in Young Children

Studies that indicate harmful effects of Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Wi-Fi, Wireless Laptops and 'Smart' Meters

19 Ways to Reduce Your Digital Footprint

Toxic Chemicals in Tap Water

Water Filters That Remove Fluoride (and Other Toxins)

Fluoride's Deterimental Effects on Child IQ

12 Toxins in Tap Water

More Information

Causes of Cancer in Children

Why Are Children Often Especially Susceptible to Environmental Toxins?



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