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For Your Car Donation NJ (or ANY state): Get a Tax Credit, and Great Thank You Gifts!

If you’re considering a car donation NJ to a charity, here are some of the things you should be aware of. You can receive a decent tax deduction for your vehicle and assist kids with cancer, too.

It’s referred to as a charitable vehicle donation when you donate your a charity organization your car, truck, RV, airplane, ATV, whether they are in usable condition or not.

First, find out the mission of the charitable organization you’re looking at. For example, American Children’s Cancer Association (Give2Kids.com) helps families of kids with cancer find, and afford, the safest, most effective cancer treatments.

At times the charities may use the donated cars for themselves, for their on-going charity work – such as to drive the people in need to various locations (doctors offices, hospitals, etc.). It is more common though for these charities to auction the cars, in order to fund their charitable activities.

Many people do choose to donate their used and unwanted cars in order to help others. If you have purchased a new car or own a non-working car, you might consider donating that car, truck, or other vehicle. You can also donate boats, RVs, ATVs, airplanes and other vehicles and, as in the case of ACCA, real estate.

Every day, ACCA (and other charities) look for and gratefully accept, any donations that
kind, considerate people offer. Government grants are not enough to continue day to day operations — and car donations go a long way to help fund their missions.

In the case of ACCA, we offer very generous thank you gifts: a $200 VISA Gift Card, and a 2 Day, 3 Night Vacation Voucher!

You will also be given a charitable gift Tax Receipt for the IRS, when you donate your car NJ to ACCA.

ACCA accepts your car donation NJ, car donation NY, car donation ct, and in every other state.

In the case of donating your car NJ to ACCA, you will not only feel good helping kids with cancer find the best treatments, but also receive our great thank you gifts!

Brain Cancer Treatment Medical Trial

Antineoplastons is a medical trial method for treating brain cancer developed by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. He is the first to apply for approval from the American federal drug committee without the support of the government. Because the method is so experimental, any other entity, like the pharmaceutical industry, also refuses to give their support to the scientist and his trial.

But what are antineoplastons and how do they work?
Antineoplastons are peptides which have derivatives from amino acids that can be used as molecular and also genetic switches. Their function is to kill all the genes that stimulate and support all cancers cells, and switch on the chemo suppressor genes which fight and eventually kill the cancer and prevent them from ever coming back.
It is proven that this treatment has no negative side effects on the body but quite the opposite – it can increase the survival rate of patients diagnosed with terminal brain cancer up to 50%.

For now Dr.Burzynski has completed the first two phases of his clinical trial but the US FDA hasn’t been very cooperative when it comes to his third phase. They believe that children and adults who have been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer should first face all of the conventional treatments known to mankind and fail before they enter in this trail.
In 1967 the doctor first identified the antineoplastons and now there are twelve different types known, but only five have faced and passed clinical trial.
According to Dr. Burzynski other important supplements when it comes to fighting cancer are Vitamin D and curcumin.

Regarding Vitamin D, the doctor says that despite its other important functions and purposes in the body, combined with other medications it can have impressive effects especially when it comes to activating the TXNIP (Thioredoxin Interacting Protein) gene which is a very important cancer suppressor alongside a gene called p10 or PTN.

As for the curcumin, Dr.Burzynski shares that it is a potential cancer fighter. He says that on his own the curcumin has a very small effect on patients and probably just 1 of 20 shows any improvements, but combined with an alkaloid called piperine, the the number increases.

Dr.Burzynski doesn’t hide the fact that his treatment works better on some brain cancer kinds better than others but looking overall the rate of success of his clinical trial is up to 60%.

Despite its high percentage of success rate the FDA still considers the antineoplastons method too experimental and filed charges against its usage. This is the reason why Dr.Burzynski doesn’t have the support of the American Cancer Society, or National Institute of Health and has to charge patients for their treatment. Still the non-toxic cure for cancer is known nationwide and many people want to get on the medical trial.

Unfortunately the FDA is the one who decides who can and can’t be treated. Since January 2013 they have applied more and more restrictions.

We applaud Dr. Burzynski and his ongoing efforts to find a safe and effective cancer treatment.

See more information on Dr. Burzynski and his medical trial.

Please Donate a Car in New Jersey (or any other state) to the American Children’s Cancer Association. Your kind donation will not only help us help families with kids with cancer find, and pay for, the safest most effective treatments, you’ll also receive a $200 VISA gift card, and a 3 day, 2 night vacation voucher! And now, we are offering a $200 VISA gift card when you simply refer a friend to us for a Car Donation NJ (or any other state)!

Donate Car NJ, Help Kids with Alternative Cancer Treatments

A New-York based physician, Dr. Nick Gonzalez has developed an alternative cancer treatment known as the Gonzalez protocol. Practicing since 1987, he believes that cancer is caused due to daily stress, environmental pollution and poor diet. He feels that poor diet is a result of an individual not eating as per his/her metabolic type.

The treatment methods that Dr. Gonzalez has been using were initially developed by William Donald Kelley, an orthodontist. The Gonzalez protocol is a complicated treatment plan that is based on the role minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other dietary factors play on a person’s body. He promotes this treatment for mainly curing advanced pancreatic cancer.

Those who have tried this treatment have reported it helps fight cancer in the following ways:

How does the Gonzalez Protocol Fight Cancer?
· The toxins that cause cancer are injected in the body through processed foods and from the environment. This treatment helps the body eliminate these toxins.
· It helps in balancing a certain part of the nervous system. The part that controls automatic functions of the body like digestion, breathing, blood pressure and heartbeat.
·It also helps to optimize the immune system.

What does the Gonzalez Protocol Include?
· The main cancer fighting ingredient is a pancreatic enzyme (freeze-dried)  that is created from pigs. This needs to be taken by the patient.
· Additionally, a variety of nutritional supplements needs to be taken including papaya, vitamins, magnesium citrate and some other minerals too.
· A special diet of foods that are mainly organic will be prescribed.
· Twice a day, the patient will need to take coffee enemas.

The pancreatic enzymes are administered through capsules. The doses of other nutritional supplements that need to be taken are between 130 and 160.

Just like chemotherapy, this treatment also has its share of side-effects. Some of the side-effects that have been reported are skin rashes, muscle aches, digestion problems like gas or bloating, low-grade fever and other flu-like symptoms.

Dr. Nick Gonzalez’s alternative cancer treatment has been highly debated. While the US Food and Drug Administration have not approved it, this alternative treatment has found many takers. Most of the studies have been done on only pancreatic cancer, but, Dr. Gonzalez has been using this alternative approach to treat all kinds of cancer.

You can help families with a child stricken by cancer, be able to afford
viable, safe and effective alternative cancer treatments. When you make you
Donate Car NJ (or in any other state) to Give2Kids, it assists us in
helping these families. And as a thank you gift, we will offer you a $200 VISA Gift Card!

Thank you!

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