Quick Snack Packs & Meals for Families Managing a Busy Treatment Schedule

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There are many pre-packaged kids meals on the market that save time for pressured families on the go or in lodging during treatments with limited cooking facilities. But a closer look at the nutritional labels show that many of the mass market brands are very high in sodium, corn syrup, saturated fats and nitrites/ preservatives which are detrimental to children in treatment. Other obstacles are children with special dietary needs such a gluten sensitivity and food allergies. Having some long shelf and freezer staples can make all of the difference relieving some of the pressure from your schedule as well as provide healthful eating for the whole family.The following are some ready available products  in most supermarket health food and gluten free sections or can be ordered in bulk from some major online retailers such as
Annie’s Organics offers ready made on the go snack packs, organic kid friendly bagged snacks, long shelf and gluten free products a well as frozen meals that can easily be prepared in efficiency kitchenettes with a microwave or stove top or as a quick meal for busy days.  See www.annies.com for products available, recipes and ideas for meals on the go.
Many vendors at airports, train stations, bus stations, hospital cafeterias and children’s activity centers are carrying healthy alternative snack packs along side of the usual “junk food” offerings. Look for the Snack Smart line by Centerplate which packages balanced,  organic and gluten free alternatives.
Sabra Foods, available in all major supermarkets, makes hummus minis and other dips and spreads that can be paired with organic low sodium corn chips, whole grain breads, organic baby carrots, and other ready cut vegies.
See website for products available and recipe ideas.
Long shelf organic soups such as Imagine Soups can be enjoyed hot or cold (on hot days try the sweet potato soup over ice and others for a pleasant summer alternative!). Paired with whole grain organic bread with organic nut butters (barring nut allergies), Greek yogurt spreads, herbed fresh goat cheese or hummus makes a great lunch or light dinner.
As we all know, fresh fruit on hand is long shelf in its natural packaging but with a busy schedule and limited time for shopping stocking up can lead to over ripened fruits and waste. There are proper ways to store fruits and vegetables to prevent premature spoiling. Wrapping the stem of a bunch of half ripened bananas with plastic wrap for example can double the shelf life.  Check out this article at the Vegetarian Times for compatible fruits and vegetables and storage tips:
Smoothies are also a great alternative meal on the go…look for the next posting about smoothie makers, freezing fruit, organic fruit ready packaged and long shelf and freezing healthy additives to pack a punch!

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