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A New-York based physician, Dr. Nick Gonzalez has developed an alternative cancer treatment known as the Gonzalez protocol. Practicing since 1987, he believes that cancer is caused due to daily stress, environmental pollution and poor diet. He feels that poor diet is a result of an individual not eating as per his/her metabolic type.

The treatment methods that Dr. Gonzalez has been using were initially developed by William Donald Kelley, an orthodontist. The Gonzalez protocol is a complicated treatment plan that is based on the role minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other dietary factors play on a person’s body. He promotes this treatment for mainly curing advanced pancreatic cancer.

Those who have tried this treatment have reported it helps fight cancer in the following ways:

How does the Gonzalez Protocol Fight Cancer?
· The toxins that cause cancer are injected in the body through processed foods and from the environment. This treatment helps the body eliminate these toxins.
· It helps in balancing a certain part of the nervous system. The part that controls automatic functions of the body like digestion, breathing, blood pressure and heartbeat.
·It also helps to optimize the immune system.

What does the Gonzalez Protocol Include?
· The main cancer fighting ingredient is a pancreatic enzyme (freeze-dried)  that is created from pigs. This needs to be taken by the patient.
· Additionally, a variety of nutritional supplements needs to be taken including papaya, vitamins, magnesium citrate and some other minerals too.
· A special diet of foods that are mainly organic will be prescribed.
· Twice a day, the patient will need to take coffee enemas.

The pancreatic enzymes are administered through capsules. The doses of other nutritional supplements that need to be taken are between 130 and 160.

Just like chemotherapy, this treatment also has its share of side-effects. Some of the side-effects that have been reported are skin rashes, muscle aches, digestion problems like gas or bloating, low-grade fever and other flu-like symptoms.

Dr. Nick Gonzalez’s alternative cancer treatment has been highly debated. While the US Food and Drug Administration have not approved it, this alternative treatment has found many takers. Most of the studies have been done on only pancreatic cancer, but, Dr. Gonzalez has been using this alternative approach to treat all kinds of cancer.

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