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Kids: Wear Helmets, Adults: Donate Car NY :)


When you Donate Car NY, you help us assist families with kids with cancer learn about and find the safest, most effective treatments. You also help us educate the public about cancer prevention. Please consider donating your car NY (or in any state) today to the American Children’s Cancer Association.  And find out if you qualify for our $200 VISA Gift Card thank you gift! Thank you.

Every year more than 300,000 kids are brought to the hospital emergency room as a result of cycling accidents. Many of these cases involve head or traumatic brain injuries or even death. Adults and children alike can reduce the risk of serious head injury by 85 percent by wearing a properly fitted and approved safety helmet. The US government has created a safety standard for bike helmets. When you are purchasing a helmet be sure that it has a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).  The helmet should fit properly. Many hospitals and national sports equipment retailers have helmet fitting days, but any local bike shop can be of assistance. Hats should never be worn beneath the helmet that they can compromise the fit and effectiveness. Chin straps should be buckled at all times and fit snugly to keep the helmet straight on the head and covering to forehead.

If you Donate Car NY, you help us to share health and safety information like this with the

Helmets should be worn as well as any other appropriate safety equipment for many outdoor activities that could expose your child to head trauma like skating, scootering, skiing and snowboarding. If your child should suffer a traumatic head or brain injury you must be sure that he or she refrains from all sports activities until you have full clearance from your family physician.

Other cycling safety measures to keep in mind:

If you or your child’s helmet is put to the test, replace it with a new one. They do not work as well after a serious crash.

Be sure that your child’s bike is the correct size and height. Your child’s feet should touch the ground when straddling the bike in a standing position.

Regularly check that the chain is oiled, the brakes are responding, the tires are sufficiently inflated and all wheels, pedals and handle bars are tight.

Be sure your child wears covered shoes with laces that are double knotted and pants legs etc. are free from getting caught in the chain.

Be sure that your child’s bicycle is fixed with a bell or horn.

Dress your child in light colored clothing and be sure there are reflectors on the bike. Also have fun with decorating the helmet with reflective stickers – helmets come in all sorts of great colors and designs but encourage your child to personalize his or her helmet!

Be sure to teach your child traffic rules, including stop signs, riding with traffic, using bike lanes when available and using indicating hand signals when turning. Young children (under 10) should not cycle in the street and should use sidewalks only.

Park bike paths are safe places that families can ride together. Teach your children when passing walkers or other bikers they should always do so on the left and announce their passing as “On your left!”.

Tell your child to look out for obstacles that can cause mishaps like wet leaves, potholes and deep puddles.

For long rides, be sure your child has a bottle of water. There are many types and models that fix to the bicycle itself.

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Car Donation NY: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

by Ron Streeter

Click Here to Make Your Car Donation NY Today!

Car Donation NYC -- Donate Car NYC

Infographic for Car Donation NY, Car Donation NJ

American Children’s Cancer Association (ACCA) recently began accepting car donations
in New York City and New York state (as well as New jersey, and all other states).

If you live in NY, and would like to donate your car NY, truck, plane or any other vehicle (or real estate or cash) we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity!

Here’s why you’ll want to donate your car NY (or any other state) to ACCA:

1. Proceeds from your car donation NY will go towards helping families with
children with cancer, in the following ways:

a. We help these families find the safest, most effective alternative
cancer treatments for their child.

b. Once the best treatment options are found, we help the families pay for them.

2. Besides feeling great that you’ve helped kids with cancer,
you’ll also receive a $200 VISA Gift Card* for your donation
(we offer the most generous thank you gifts among car donation charities).

3. For a limited time, besides the above gift card, you’ll also receive
a voucher for a free 3 day, 2 night vacation (multiple locations to choose from).

4. You’ll receive fast, free towing for your donated vehicle!

5.When you make your car donation NY, you’ll receive tax benefits.

Yes, there are other car donation charities in NY and NYC, but none that offer
the combination of helpful services to children with cancer, and the generous
thank you gifts and other benefits (listed above) that ACCA offers.

So if you’d like to Donate Your Car NY or Donate Your Car NYC to ACCA,
please do so today! Or call one of friendly customer service representatives at
1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254), and they will be happy to take your car donation NY

American Children’s Cancer Association (Give2Kids) has been accepting car donations for
over 15 years, and is an approved, 501(c)(3) charity.

See our new video, Donate Your Car NYC | Car Donation NYC , below!:

See our latest press release,
“American Children’s Cancer Association Now Accepting Your Car Donation in New York”

*Please see these requirements to receive the $200 VISA Gift Card.

Make Sure of Who You’re Donating Your Car NJ To!

by Ron Streeter

Click Here to Donate Your Car NJ Today! Or if you’re in NY (or any other state) please click here to donate your vehicle.

If you are considering donating your car in New Jersey (or other states) you may be confused by all the organizations offering to accept your car (or any other vehicle) donation online.

When making your Car Donation NJ (or Car Donation NY, or any other state) decision, please ask yourself the following:

1. Is the organization a valid, non-profit organization?
American Children’s Cancer Association (ACCA) is an
approved, 501(c)(3) charity.

Check here to find ACCA listed among the approved charities.

2.Does the non-profit offer help to everyone, or only a subset of people?
ACCA offers to help all families with children with cancer find the safest, most effective alternative treatments.
However, some organizations (such as the most well-known car donation charity)
only help children who are part of a particular group. So we suggest you make sure of what (and who) you are donating to, before making your decision.

3. Do they offer free, fast towing? ACCA does.

4. Do they offer generous thank you gifts?
ACCA offers the most generous incentives among all the car donation services:
a $200 VISA Gift Card (good anywhere VISA is accepted) and a free, 3 day, 2 night
vacation voucher (good for multiple locations).

5. Does the organization have an established history?
ACCA has been accepting car donations for over 15 years.

6 . Is the organization available around the U.S.?
ACCA will accept your car donation in all fifty states.

As you can see, there are a number of considerations to make before you
Donate Your Car NJ, (or Donate Your Car NY, or in any other state in the U.S.)  truck, SUV, plane, real estate or cash to an organization. Please make sure to investigate each organization you are donating to, thoroughly.

If you have any questions about ACCA and how you can donate a vehicle, or anything else to help us help kids with cancer (and their families) find the safest, most effective alternative treatments, please call 800-Give2Kids today!

Please keep in mind we are now accepting your Car Donation NYC.  So if you live in the city, please Donate Your Car NYC to ACCA. Thank you!

Here is our latest Car Donation NYC video!:

Donate Your Car NY (or ANY State); Help Kids, and Help Yourself in the Process!

Donate-Car-Ny-BannerYou may qualify for a $200 VISA thank you gift card (if your vehicle brings in $600 or more for charity, after expenses)! Use the Easy Form Below to Donate Car NY (or any other U.S. state). And every donor receives Two Vacation Vouchers, Free Towing, and your Highest Allowable Tax Deduction! Find out more about us at our main website, American Children’s Cancer Association. Or call us today at 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254) for more information, or to donate your vehicle!Group of Friends Smiling Donations assist those in need and help them to improve their life quality. So, organizations (non-profits) around the planet ask people to give their unwanted stuff, like books, clothing, and even cars and trucks. Often, people aren’t prepared to let go of their hard-earned cash or don’t have the extra time to devote to volunteer work. This is why charities have begun accepting used articles which they’re able to make good use of. For example, they donate the used items like blankets and clothing to people in need or hand out previously-owned toys to needy children. And these days, donating cars is very popular. And one of the very best ways to Donate Car NY (or anywhere else in America — we’re a national organization), that will both benefit you, and help others, is through American Children’s Cancer Association (ACCA). Old cars, trucks, etc. that demand money and time to maintain, eventually become of little use to the owner. It is when faced with this situation that a person may consider a Car Donation NY a good idea.

Storing the vehicle can, at best, just get in the way, and worse, could get costly (if you are paying for storage) In this situation, people are left with three choices: sell the car, junk it, or donate it. If a person can, out of the goodness of their heart, donate a still-working (or at least, repairable) vehicle to ACCA, not only will they receive the above noted incentives; they’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to providing education about safe, effective alternative treatments for families with children with cancer.

ACCA have accepted vehicle donations in NY (and around the U.S.) for over 15 years. They are an approved 501(c)(3) charity.