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Smoothies: Quick Way to Eat Well During Treatment Schedule

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By Amanda Stambuldzys

Kids love smoothies and with managing a busy treatment schedule, they provide a fruit and vegetable packed quick meal on the  go with minimum preparation time and easy clean up.  The smoothie “shakes” are also a great way to get some antioxidant rich vegetables and additives into kids with finicky palates.  Flax seed extract and kale, for example, have strong flavors that many kids turn their nose up to.  But, by being a little creative with various frozen fruits and all natural fruit juices – such as apple and pomegranate – you can get past the “yuckies” and pack a balanced, high energy meal into one glass.
There are many smoothie makers on the market available to order from that come with fitted to go cups (Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set  - additional mugs can be ordered), but any high powered blender and washable tumblers available in most supermarkets and department stores are all you need.  For families in lodging, packing a smoothie maker ready to plug into a kitchen outlet, can save precious time for early morning starts as well as be economical.  Many smoothie retail outlets are expensive and actually may contain high fructose corn syrup and other additives that are not recommended for children in treatment.  Alternatively, there are some great bottled products that are both all natural and organic such as available at many supermarkets and convenience stores.  Still be sure to check the labels and be mindful that many mass produced products may serve well as a supplements but may not contain proteins and other essential nutrients to contribute to balanced eating.
Freezing your own fruit is also an economical way to preserve and make use of over-ripened fruits.  See ideas and tips on freezing fruit:

Think about pre-mixing family favorites in freezer storage bags or a vacuum pack sealer as a time saver – bananas, forest fruits and ripened mango make a great combination to freeze together.  Try using your blender unit as the portion measure – so all you have to do is grab a pack and flip a switch.   Many health food supermarkets have pre-packaged, organic frozen mixed fruits already portioned for smoothie making at pretty fair price points.  Trader Joe’s freezer section (check for your local retail outlet) has some great ready packed alternatives.  Also, take advantage of seasonal fruits and farmers markets.  We have a bumper crop of NJ blueberries and peaches this year - they are both very freezer friendly and going at greatly reduced market prices this summer!
Long shelf natural protein additives (both dairy and non-dairy) and avocado are a great way to balance out the meal and give your smoothies the “milk-shake” texture appealing to kids’ palates. Almond milk, soy milk, Greek yogurt and organic milk are all great sources. Greek yogurt and milk products actually can also be frozen for longer life (although you may find a consistency change, the blending process will bring them back to shape). See this guide  for tips on freezing dairy products.  There are many powdered additives on the market but some are not easily digestible and may have some products not recommended for kids.  Be sure to check labels for FDA approvals and consult your doctor or a nutritionist to be sure that you are making positive choices for your child’s diet.
Vegetarian Times is a great resource for recipe ideas. Check out this VT article for this tasty smoothie recipe idea with blueberries, avocado and beets (one of the “yuckies”):
Other websites via StumbleUpon under search Smoothie Recipes can also be sourced. Be sure to follow Give2Kids: (link StumbleUpon site) to continue to spread the word about the Donate Your Car Program. ( Ron- please edit to your standard to increase traffic etc.)
Raw honey, agave nectar (the ‘raw” form only) and other fruit sugars can sweeten up your vegetable packed smoothies as well. Also keep in mind that Stevia is a healthy alternative sweetener. And remember that brown (over-ripened) bananas add extra all natural sweetness!  Look out for the next posting for some other ideas on how to use them and other leftovers in the next posting “When Bananas go Brown: Alternative kid friendly (not so slow) cooking ideas for left overs!”.

Quick Snack Packs & Meals for Families Managing a Busy Treatment Schedule

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There are many pre-packaged kids meals on the market that save time for pressured families on the go or in lodging during treatments with limited cooking facilities. But a closer look at the nutritional labels show that many of the mass market brands are very high in sodium, corn syrup, saturated fats and nitrites/ preservatives which are detrimental to children in treatment. Other obstacles are children with special dietary needs such a gluten sensitivity and food allergies. Having some long shelf and freezer staples can make all of the difference relieving some of the pressure from your schedule as well as provide healthful eating for the whole family.The following are some ready available products  in most supermarket health food and gluten free sections or can be ordered in bulk from some major online retailers such as
Annie’s Organics offers ready made on the go snack packs, organic kid friendly bagged snacks, long shelf and gluten free products a well as frozen meals that can easily be prepared in efficiency kitchenettes with a microwave or stove top or as a quick meal for busy days.  See for products available, recipes and ideas for meals on the go.
Many vendors at airports, train stations, bus stations, hospital cafeterias and children’s activity centers are carrying healthy alternative snack packs along side of the usual “junk food” offerings. Look for the Snack Smart line by Centerplate which packages balanced,  organic and gluten free alternatives.
Sabra Foods, available in all major supermarkets, makes hummus minis and other dips and spreads that can be paired with organic low sodium corn chips, whole grain breads, organic baby carrots, and other ready cut vegies.
See website for products available and recipe ideas.
Long shelf organic soups such as Imagine Soups can be enjoyed hot or cold (on hot days try the sweet potato soup over ice and others for a pleasant summer alternative!). Paired with whole grain organic bread with organic nut butters (barring nut allergies), Greek yogurt spreads, herbed fresh goat cheese or hummus makes a great lunch or light dinner.
As we all know, fresh fruit on hand is long shelf in its natural packaging but with a busy schedule and limited time for shopping stocking up can lead to over ripened fruits and waste. There are proper ways to store fruits and vegetables to prevent premature spoiling. Wrapping the stem of a bunch of half ripened bananas with plastic wrap for example can double the shelf life.  Check out this article at the Vegetarian Times for compatible fruits and vegetables and storage tips:
Smoothies are also a great alternative meal on the go…look for the next posting about smoothie makers, freezing fruit, organic fruit ready packaged and long shelf and freezing healthy additives to pack a punch!

Help Prevent Cancer in Children: Things to Avoid

Help us educate parents of children with cancer determine the safest, most effective treatments. Your kind car donation helps us with our Mission (in NY, NJ, or any other state) — and if we accept your vehicle for our VISA program, you’ll receive a $200 VISA Gift Card and free Vacation Voucher. Call us today at 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254) for more information, or to donate your vehicle!


Always Buy Organic.

Nine (or more) different cancers are linked to certain pesticides. Look for the USDA-certified organic seal when purchasing.

There are some fruits and vegetables that are especially heavily sprayed with pesticides, while others aren’t, and don’t needto be purchased as organic. See more info about both kinds, in this post.

Serve Children as Many Fruits and Vegetables as Possible

Kids love berries, carrots, and other sweet fruits and veggies. But if they re started eating them early on, they will adapt to the taste of all kinds of vegetables… even broccoli.

Add Fiber to Your Diet

A child’s diet that is full of whole fruits and vegetables will go a long way towards providing good fiber intake.
Here is more information on other ways to add fiber, and how much.

Eat More Fish

Most parents have a concern about mercury content, and radioactivity in fish (and rightfully so). However, there are still safe and healthy fish to feed your children. They include:

Haddock (Atlantic)
Mackerel (N. Atlantic, Chub)
Perch (Ocean)
Salmon (Canned)
Salmon (Fresh)
Please note: Buy salmon “wild caught”, if at all possible. “Farm raised” salmon is far less desirable (although it is getting better than it used to be — please see this article).
Sole (Pacific)
Squid (Calamari)
Trout (Freshwater)
For more safe fish, please see this website.

Drink Green Tea

Your kids might love this healthy beverage with a little raw honey added to it, either cold or hot).

Green tea contains antioxidants (polyphenols), which:

- helps strengthen the immune system,
- may protect cells from DNA damage,
- and activate enzymes that slow down or curb tumors

Get Sufficient Vitamin D

Higher blood levels of Vitamin D have been shown to be associated with lower rates of a number of cancers. Make sure your children receive plenty of healthy sunshine.
If you live in colder climate with less sunshine in winter,
supplement with Vitamin D.
Ask your naturopathic doctor about the best dosage for your child. Regular medical doctors may not be able to correctly advise you on this, as they tend not to be well informed in nutritional therapies.

Kids (or Adults) Should Never Eat Trans Fats

Trans fatty acids is a manufactured oil that is used in many commercially baked and fried foods.

They increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Look on the ingredient label, and don’t buy anything containing “partially hydrogenated oil”, which is another name for trans fats.

Help Your Child Keep Toxin-Free

1. Use cleaning products that only contain organic ingredients;
2. Filter tap water (Berkey Filters are among the best –and have an option to filter out fluoride)
3. Avoid BPA and BPS (in most plastic packaging AND inside of cans).Look for plastic containers with the recycling numbers 1, 2, or 4, and cans labeled BPA-free.

Be Wary of Ionizing Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields 

In an early draft of a report issued in the spring of 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States recommended that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) be classified as a class B carcinogen. The report concluded:

“In conclusion, several studies showing leukemia, lymphoma and cancer of the nervous system in children exposed to EMF’s, supported by similar findings in adults in several occupational studies also involving electrical power frequency exposures, show a consistent pattern of response that suggest a causal link.”

There is plenty of evidence in the scientific literature that electromagnetic fields (from cell towers, electroninc devices, etc.) can be a worrisome and possibly, major cause of cancer.

Avoid x-rays (ionizing radiation) for your children if at all possible. Here is why.

Cellphones and Kids May Not Mix

Mobile phones have been classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” At the time of this writing, the final word is not out yet on the safety of childhood cellphone use.
However, it would be prudent to minimize your child’s use of cellphones, based on preliminary findings. Also, as an alternative, regular (corded) land lines are absolutely safe (but NOT cordless phones, which are even worse than cellphones).

Should Your Child Be Eating Foods Containing GMOs?

If you, or someone has a vehicle to donate, in NY, NJ or any other state, and would like to help us help kids with cancer, please click here.


by Ron Streeter

Many people still believe that GMOs have not been proven to be harmful
to humans.

I will do my best in this article to give you the latest studies, and
let you decide for yourself.

Here’s why children are at the highest risk from the potential toxicity of GMO foods:

Kids are more vulnerable to allergies
Kids are more vulnerable to digestive/allergy issues with milk
Kids are vulnerable to antibiotic resistant diseases
The fast-developing systems of kids are more susceptable

GMO Study

Because children’s bodies go through rapid growth development, scientists utilyzed young rats in an independent GMO study.

After just 10 days the rats displayed highly noticeable organ system damage, including:

- damaged digestive function and immune systems
- tinier brains, testicles and livers
- atrophing in the liver,
- and potential pre-cancerous intecell growth

Besides breakfast cereals, snacks, pizza, and much more, GMOs are hidden in many food products that you assumed were perfectly healthy for your children.

They include:


…and are hidden in many common ingredients,
in many, or most, commercially processed foods,
such as:
Amino Acids, Aspartame, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate,
Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Flavorings (“natural” and “artificial”),
High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Lactic Acid,
Maltodextrins, Molasses, Monosodium Glutamate, Sucrose,
Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), Xanthan Gum, Vitamins, Yeast Products

Further sources of information:

10 Studies Demonstrating the Toxicity of GMOs

You may have heard that there are studies demonstrating GMOs are safe. You should know that two major ones have been retracted.

Very informative, 5 minute video on “The Alarming Truths About GMOs”

A graphic showing the so called “health” foods that either contain GMOs, or are owned by corporations that fund campaigns to resist GMO labeling.

Whatever your conclusions you’ve drawn from the above information: if there’s any doubt at all remaining about possible long-term toxicity in these foods, why would we feed them to our children? It’s one thing to gamble with our own health, but the developing bodies of children, who are more susceptible to food and other environmental toxins, is another matter.

How To Feed Your Child, Healthy Organic Food — On A Budget!

by Ron Streeter

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It IS Possible to Feed Your Children the BEST Foods, on a Budget!

Imagine how great it would be if you never ingested, inhaled or slathered anything toxic in or on your body? No pollution, fluoride, trans-fats, artificial dyes, gmo foods, etc. etc.? Never smoked, excessively drank, or did anything else that insulted your body? Consider for a moment how wonderful it would be if your body was clean and toxin-free?

Whether your children are currently healthy, or struggling with an illness, it’s never too late to begin making certain everything they consume, have applied or wear, are as pure and natural as possible… so they can enjoy much of the above toxin-free kind of life.

The earlier you start your child on a diet of natural, organic, non-processed, non-sugary foods, the sooner they will adapt to them. If they are already hooked on Fruit Loops and the like, you can gradually wean them off such artificial “foods”, and slowly introduce far superior, nutrient-rich foods.

This will not only keep them healthy (by strengthening their immune systems, etc.) it will also assist their bodies in the healing of any health challenges.

Great Sources of Information on Healthy Food for Your Kids

If you are not aware of all the great natural produce and other life-enhancing foods available to you, please see these websites for a great introduction:


Also: Feed Your Toddler (and young kids) Some Super-Foods! 

In case you’re not aware: it is being increasingly understood that fluoridated water is NOT good for children — or you! Please see the following for more information:

Why Fluoride is Harmful to Your Child’s Developing Brain

If you are not yet convinced of how critically important it is that you and your children eat pure, unadulterated foods (or want to learn more), please see either / both of the following important, highly informative videos:

“Food, Inc.”
(it costs 99 cents to view full documentary).

If you have Amazon prime, you can see it free, here.
To see similar information for free, click here.


“The World According To Monsanto” 
Monsanto is a multi-national corporation that is destroying our food supply with highly toxic pesticides, genetic modification of food plants, and their insidious patenting of seeds.

Affording Good Food

There are many among us today who are struggling with a corrupted economy, and may feel
that buying healthy, organic food too expensive.

Here are some tips:

Not all healthy food HAS to be organic. Some plants (such as broccoli) have a natural
plant covering on them, that protects its florets and stems from pesticides.

In addition to broccoli, here are some other great fruits and vegetables you don’t have to buy as organic:

sweet corn (non-gmo)
sweet peas
kiwi fruit
sweet potatoes
sweet onions

For more information on the above, PLUS the foods you MUST buy as organic, please click here.

To find the best prices for organic foods, please check around in your community for
regional markets, and ask the purveyors if there produce is organic (they will usually have signs that
already say “Organic”). There are also usually farm co-op buying groups, that you can buy
organic produce for less. For information on farms in your area that offer the above, please click here:

And finally, if you give your children milk: please consider whole pasteurized goat milk, as opposed to cow’s milk. It generaly is digested much better. There is also nut and other alternative “milks” (such as almond, rice and coconut) that your children may like. But please consider only buying the non- sweetened varieties, and if necessary for taste, adding Stevia as a natural, safe sweetener, to them.

Best of success with your pursuit of a safe, natural and very healthy lifestyle, from the American Children’s Cancer Association! Through the funds we receive from Car Donation NY and Ca Donation NJ (and all other states), we help kids with cancer (and their families) determine the best treatment options!

Car Donation NY: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

by Ron Streeter

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Car Donation NYC -- Donate Car NYC

Infographic for Car Donation NY, Car Donation NJ

American Children’s Cancer Association (ACCA) recently began accepting car donations
in New York City and New York state (as well as New jersey, and all other states).

If you live in NY, and would like to donate your car NY, truck, plane or any other vehicle (or real estate or cash) we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity!

Here’s why you’ll want to donate your car NY (or any other state) to ACCA:

1. Proceeds from your car donation NY will go towards helping families with
children with cancer, in the following ways:

a. We help these families find the safest, most effective alternative
cancer treatments for their child.

b. Once the best treatment options are found, we help the families pay for them.

2. Besides feeling great that you’ve helped kids with cancer,
you’ll also receive a $200 VISA Gift Card* for your donation
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3. For a limited time, besides the above gift card, you’ll also receive
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4. You’ll receive fast, free towing for your donated vehicle!

5.When you make your car donation NY, you’ll receive tax benefits.

Yes, there are other car donation charities in NY and NYC, but none that offer
the combination of helpful services to children with cancer, and the generous
thank you gifts and other benefits (listed above) that ACCA offers.

So if you’d like to Donate Your Car NY or Donate Your Car NYC to ACCA,
please do so today! Or call one of friendly customer service representatives at
1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254), and they will be happy to take your car donation NY

American Children’s Cancer Association (Give2Kids) has been accepting car donations for
over 15 years, and is an approved, 501(c)(3) charity.

See our new video, Donate Your Car NYC | Car Donation NYC , below!:

See our latest press release,
“American Children’s Cancer Association Now Accepting Your Car Donation in New York”

*Please see these requirements to receive the $200 VISA Gift Card.

Make Sure of Who You’re Donating Your Car NJ To!

by Ron Streeter

Click Here to Donate Your Car NJ Today! Or if you’re in NY (or any other state) please click here to donate your vehicle.

If you are considering donating your car in New Jersey (or other states) you may be confused by all the organizations offering to accept your car (or any other vehicle) donation online.

When making your Car Donation NJ (or Car Donation NY, or any other state) decision, please ask yourself the following:

1. Is the organization a valid, non-profit organization?
American Children’s Cancer Association (ACCA) is an
approved, 501(c)(3) charity.

Check here to find ACCA listed among the approved charities.

2.Does the non-profit offer help to everyone, or only a subset of people?
ACCA offers to help all families with children with cancer find the safest, most effective alternative treatments.
However, some organizations (such as the most well-known car donation charity)
only help children who are part of a particular group. So we suggest you make sure of what (and who) you are donating to, before making your decision.

3. Do they offer free, fast towing? ACCA does.

4. Do they offer generous thank you gifts?
ACCA offers the most generous incentives among all the car donation services:
a $200 VISA Gift Card (good anywhere VISA is accepted) and a free, 3 day, 2 night
vacation voucher (good for multiple locations).

5. Does the organization have an established history?
ACCA has been accepting car donations for over 15 years.

6 . Is the organization available around the U.S.?
ACCA will accept your car donation in all fifty states.

As you can see, there are a number of considerations to make before you
Donate Your Car NJ, (or Donate Your Car NY, or in any other state in the U.S.)  truck, SUV, plane, real estate or cash to an organization. Please make sure to investigate each organization you are donating to, thoroughly.

If you have any questions about ACCA and how you can donate a vehicle, or anything else to help us help kids with cancer (and their families) find the safest, most effective alternative treatments, please call 800-Give2Kids today!

Please keep in mind we are now accepting your Car Donation NYC.  So if you live in the city, please Donate Your Car NYC to ACCA. Thank you!

Here is our latest Car Donation NYC video!:

Donate Your Car NJ, Help Kids Receive Effective Cancer Treatments

When you donate your car NJ, truck or any other vehicle (or real estate or money) to
American Children’s Cancer Association, you help us to assist families who have children stricken with cancer, find the most effective alternative treatments available for them.

There are many viable cancer treatments that are not well known because they are not part of the
mainstream medical establishment (which often offers dangerous, ineffective treatments,
such as chemotherapy). ACCA focuses on safe and proven treatments that more naturally treat, and many times, help eradicate cancer these children are afflicted with.

ACCA is always looking for the best of the alternative treatments, so they can
be of the most assistance to the families and their children that need their help.

Some of the treatments we have recommended include:

Cellect-Budwing protocol with GB-4000 M.O.P.A
Cellect-Budwing protocol without GB-4000 M.O.P.A
Bob Beck Protocol
Bill Henderson Protocol

We also recommend ways to prevent cancer. Please see out blog post on:
The Three Most Powerful Ways to Prevent Cancer

To see more information about the above treatments, please see our blog post:

ACA has been accepting car (and truck, SUV, planes, real estate and cash) donations for over 15 years
and is an IRS approved charity.

Please keep in mind that besides receiving our free thank you gifts ($200 VISA Gift card and vacation voucher) you’ll also receive a tax benefit for your donation.

For more information, please call 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254). Thank you!

Other sources for alternative cancer treatment information:

Or do your own search.

Thank you!

Car Donation NJ Made Easy

Car donation NJ has become an easy and hassle-free process. If you have a car that you do not intend to use in the future, you can donate it for a social cause instead of dumping it as waste. There is no need for any more tiresome visits to charity houses or donation centers. The new online donation process has made car donation a simple process. In addition, your donation will reach out to help us help families with kids with cancer.

The American Children’s Cancer Association

The American Children’s Cancer Association has been working actively in the field of providing educational help to children suffering from cancer. This association needs support from the public through monetary donations and other generous acts of charity, such as vehicle donation NJ. This association has been active for more than fifteen years now, and is an Approved, 501(c)(3) Charity

Car Donation in New Jersey

The Car Donation NJ program, launched by the American Children’s Cancer Association, for educationally supporting the child cancer patients, and their families. Whenever you donate a car or any vehicle to the American Children’s Cancer Association (or property or money), you help our charity assist the families educationally, as well as any other ways we’re capable of.

How to donate a car in New Jersey

In case you are looking out for disposing of your old car, you can simply donate it to ACCA through their website, . The car donation process has become all the more simplified now. You just need to register yourself on the website and fill out the form for the donation process. After you fill out this secure donation form, you will be contacted by the agents of the cancer association who will guide you through the donation process. If you’d prefer, you can call the friendly ACCA staff directly at 1-800-Give2Kids (1-800-448-3254), and they will be pleased to help you with your donation, or any questions you may have.

Incentives for you

When you donate your car NJ to the American Children’s Cancer Association, the association will also give you interesting incentives. You will receive free vouchers for vacations in different locations and a free $200 Visa Gift Card, usable anyplace that takes VISA. In addition to these free gifts, you will also receive a tax benefit. Please find out how, today!


Car Donation NJ for a Social Cause in New Jersey

Everyone wants to make the world around them a better place to live in. But have you ever rendered a helping hand to someone in need? Have you experienced the joy of being someone’s support? Well, here is your chance to contribute to the welfare of society in your own way.

Our society is becoming more vigilant and sensitive towards issues like cancer, autism, and HIV that currently plague the society. These diseases have destroyed many lives. As a result, many initiatives are being taken to provide help and support to people whose lives have been affected by these diseases.

Many non-profit organizations in New Jersey support social causes like providing help to patients of breast cancer, other forms of cancer, kids suffering from cancer, autism patients, and orphans. Normally people discard old stuff as waste and dump them into the junkyard. When you donate your old car or any other vehicle that you might not be using in the future, you are actually disposing it in a subtle way.

Car Donation in New Jersey

The Car Donation NJ program has been launched by the American Children’s Cancer Association to gain funds for supporting cancer patients. This association assists the children suffering from cancer as well as their families. When you donate a car to the American Children’s Cancer Association, all the funds are used for providing the latest and viable treatment to these children.

Agencies in New Jersey accept donations on behalf of several non-profit organizations. Donating you car in New Jersey has become easier and a hassle-free process. You just need to fill up an online form for secure donation. The friendly representatives from the agency will guide you through the rest of the donation process.

Free gifts and tax rebates

When you donate a car to the American Children’s Cancer Association,  ACCA gives you free gift vouchers for vacations in different locations. Also, the association gives you a VISA gift card that is worth $200. When you donate a car in New Jersey, you also qualify for receiving an IRS tax reduction. These tax rebates might be useful for you.

Your donation matters a lot because it can change the life of so many children suffering from cancer. You’ll be helping our charity provide education about safe, effective alternative treatments, as well as prevention methods, for families.