Car Donation NJ for a Social Cause in New Jersey

Everyone wants to make the world around them a better place to live in. But have you ever rendered a helping hand to someone in need? Have you experienced the joy of being someone’s support? Well, here is your chance to contribute to the welfare of society in your own way.

Our society is becoming more vigilant and sensitive towards issues like cancer, autism, and HIV that currently plague the society. These diseases have destroyed many lives. As a result, many initiatives are being taken to provide help and support to people whose lives have been affected by these diseases.

Many non-profit organizations in New Jersey support social causes like providing help to patients of breast cancer, other forms of cancer, kids suffering from cancer, autism patients, and orphans. Normally people discard old stuff as waste and dump them into the junkyard. When you donate your old car or any other vehicle that you might not be using in the future, you are actually disposing it in a subtle way.

Car Donation in New Jersey

The Car Donation NJ program has been launched by the American Children’s Cancer Association to gain funds for supporting cancer patients. This association assists the children suffering from cancer as well as their families. When you donate a car to the American Children’s Cancer Association, all the funds are used for providing the latest and viable treatment to these children.

Agencies in New Jersey accept donations on behalf of several non-profit organizations. Donating you car in New Jersey has become easier and a hassle-free process. You just need to fill up an online form for secure donation. The friendly representatives from the agency will guide you through the rest of the donation process.

Free gifts and tax rebates

When you donate a car to the American Children’s Cancer Association,  ACCA gives you free gift vouchers for vacations in different locations. Also, the association gives you a VISA gift card that is worth $200. When you donate a car in New Jersey, you also qualify for receiving an IRS tax reduction. These tax rebates might be useful for you.

Your donation matters a lot because it can change the life of so many children suffering from cancer. You’ll be helping our charity provide education about safe, effective alternative treatments, as well as prevention methods, for families.


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