Our Mission: Cars for Kids, Donate Car NJ

Our Mission:

American Children’s Cancer Association(ACCA) has taken a leading position in making increasing numbers of people aware of the many effective alternative, safe and natural types of cancer treatments that are now available. We believe that it is of utmost  importance to provide access to all viable treatment options, allowing families and their sick child to plan for the best and most effective treatment outcomes. We strongly and continually support the cancer therapies of the many physicians who have proven repeatable results with their cancer treatments.

Although these techniques have proven to be very effective they have yet to be recognized by most mainstream treatment centers, hospitals or oncologist’s. Some physicians have found that they have certain advantages over established treatments, because of the very limited damage to the immune system, and healthy soft tissue.

American Children’s Cancer Association cannot recommend specific treatments for children, but are always ready and able to refer you to the best oncologist’s and doctors to consult with, who will assist with your treatment choices.

Our focused goal is to do all we can to help support and guide you, towards the best available medical professionals for your particular case. Please contact us to let us know how we can be of assistance to you and your loved ones today.

We fund our efforts through Car Donations NJ, Cars for Kids and Donate Car NJ.

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